Rockpoint Hotspring Resort-Hotel and Spa


Experience nature’s healing power through its hot springs— water that not only refreshes, but soothes and rejuvenates. Say goodbye to your workday worries… Soak your cares away… Relax your tired body… Clear your mind… Revitalize your spirit… De-stress and recharge without spending a fortune.


Stressed out? Feeling tired? Barely getting by with your hectic schedule? Juggling between your day job and home chores? Need a break from all the bad news?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could escape the pressures of the big city and just unwind? When was the last time you pampered yourself? If the thought of having a full body massage, a foot spa or a dip in a hot spring Jacuzzi appeals to you, then you certainly need a break.

Imagine a hideaway destination where the ambiance is cozy and romantic, the mood is light and carefree and all the people you meet are warm and welcoming…. Best of all, the price is so affordable, you can stay for more than just the whole day. You can stay for the night… two nights even! You deserve a break. You’ve earned it!

Are you a busy executive who wants a change of scenery? Bored of going to the same venue for your company seminars? Come and discover the ideal back-to-nature place where you can be productive and still have fun at the end of the day – where there are fewer distractions, less interruption so you’ll finish the work on time. It’s conducive to learning but still possesses that laid-back atmosphere. What could be more enjoyable after a grueling meeting than chilling out with friends, playing a game of billiards while drinking your favorite beer, working out in the gym, lazing in the pool area or singing to your heart’s content in a karaoke bar? Ahh, these are life’s simple pleasures…

So pack your bags and head on to Rockpoint Hotspring Resort-Hotel & Spa… Experience an invigorating hot spring weekend getaway like no other.

“There was a time when getting away for a few days and coming back feeling rested and revitalized was considered an indulgence. But in this busy world, it has become a necessity to get away from the tension and stress of daily life.. Now, more than ever, we need to spend time off to recharge and rejuvenate. But it shouldn’t put a dent on your budget.”



At a constant temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit or 48 degrees Celsius, the water flowing from Mount Makiling falls under the category of ‘hot springs’. A hot spring is defined as hot water, vapor or gases that is issued from the ground with a temperature in excess of 25 degrees C (77 degrees F) and contains prescribed amount of designated substances.

Unlike some areas in Laguna where only cold or warm springs are abundant, Pansol is lucky to have an unlimited supply of pleasantly smelling sulfuric hot springs which is believed to have healing properties.

In Japan, bathing in hot springs is hailed as the favorite activity for relaxation, enjoyed mostly by the rich.

Onsen, Japanese term for hot springs, are still major attractions for vacationers. However, here in the Philippines you need not be rich to be able to experience an invigorating hot spring dip. There are countless public resorts where you can spend an entire day swimming in hot springs.

Its popularity is attributed to the relaxing effect and the beneficial properties of the water. Many people attest to the physical replenishment they get after a hot dip. Some doctors even prescribe hot spring treatment to cure certain conditions.

  • Chronic rheumatism
  • Neuralgia
  • Chronic diseases of the stomach, intestines, liver & gallbladder
  • Hypertension
  • Hemi-plegia
  • Glucosuria & gout


It is also used for treating external injuries and for post-operative treatment and rehabilitation.

  • Soothes tired muscles and aching joints
  • Cures skin tissue problems
  • Calcium in the water eases swollen limbs
  • Iodine-ion lowers blood pressure
  • Sulfur strengthens the joints
  • Increases the flexibility of the veins


At Rockpoint, we give guests the option of experiencing the wonderful benefits of hot springs either in the outdoor swimming pool facilities or in the private bath areas in the guest rooms which are equipped with large tubs (for two), in the sunken Roman baths or in the higher end rooms with private jacuzzis.



Rockpoint is located at the foot of mystical Mount Makiling, a dormant volcano, from where an abundant flow of hot spring water comes from. Legend has it that this volcano is the home of a beautiful deity, Maria. Thus, this private village where Rockpoint is situated is aptly called Maria Makiling Hot Springs Village, named such to pay homage to its legendary goddess who lives in infamous mountain. (Click here to know more about the Legends of Maria Makiling)

As you enter the village entrance, you will find, looming in the distance, a unique rock formation made of red cinder that towers over the many houses and resorts of Maria Makiling Village. Looking like a cathedral spire, this gigantic rock with its mysterious features, was the inspiration for the name of Rockpoint.

Some folks say that the rock is enchanted, for no amount of digging, quarrying or dynamite explosives could shake it from its existence. Decades ago, when the rock was much smaller in size, there were talks by some local folks who swear that if you looked closely at one side of the rock, it will reveal the silhouette of the face of a woman. Locals believe that this is the face of Maria Makiling, watching over her beloved followers. Whether this story is true or not, we can say that just by looking at the rock formation, it will really intrigue you. Its sheer size alone is breathtaking.

In truth, this rock formation that seem to point upwards to the skies serves as the landmark that leads guests to Rockpoint – the premier resort-hotel, spa and conference center in Pansol, Calamba, Laguna.



Whether your purpose for staying is for a weekend get-away, a business conference or both, there are many reasons why our guests keep coming back…

  • Awarded “1999 Cleanest and Best Landscaped Hotel in Laguna”


This award was given by the Tourism Council of Laguna and the Provincial Government of Laguna, in cooperation with the Dept. of Tourism, Philippines. Many resorts and hotels in Laguna qualify and vie for this special honor. But only a select few are chosen. It follows strict guidelines in order for one to place for the top place. In 2004, we were again recognized for being included in the roster of “Cleanest and Best Landscaped Hotels in Laguna” for 6 consecutive years.

  • Natural hot springs water from Mount Makiling


At a constant 120 degrees Fahrenheit (or 48 degrees Celsius), its energizing and therapeutic properties make swimming in the sulfuric waters a most sought-after experience. It is both enjoyable and therapeutic!

  • Best “Value-for Money” Prices


We may not have the lowest price, but we guarantee you’ll get the best ‘value’ for your money ALWAYS. Compare our rates with other resorts in Laguna and you’ll find we have more to offer. And the kind of service and facilities we give is, by far, the best in this part of town.

  • Professional staff dedicated to service excellence


We promise you will receive the best service from our well-trained staff. We believe in giving friendly, courteous, efficient and personalized service. Even if we are located in the countryside province of Laguna, our service is at par with star-rated hotels in the metropolis. We call our brand of service as “relaxed” but genuine hospitality.

  • Customized service to meet client’s own specific needs


We are flexible and willing to provide the best solution for all your conference needs. We know everybody have different needs and we want to give the best options to meet your requirement.

  • Great tasting food in generous portions and affordable prices


We offer home-cooked Filipino dishes and International cuisine at prices within everyone’s reach.


  • Quietly located in a private subdivision, away from the noisy highway
  • A unique Library of Video Training Programs



A first of its kind in Laguna (and probably in the Philippines)! This extensive collection of video films in VHS and VCD format makes your seminars interactive and dynamic.

  • Offers administrative services


Need a quick copy? Check your emails? Call or fax the office? Print a document? We have a copier, fax, internet access, printer and sale of basic office supplies – all at your disposal. And soon, Wi-Fi Internet access!

  • 24-hour security service
  • Stand by generator




  • Accredited as a Standard Hotel by the Department of Tourism, Philippines in 1997
  • DOT # R-IV-H-010-2004
  • “1999 Cleanest and Best Landscaped Hotel in Laguna, Philippines”, Awarded by the Tourism Council of Laguna, in cooperation with the Provincial Government of Laguna, Philippines and Department of Tourism.
  • Cited in November 2004 for being consistently included in the nominees for the “Cleanest and Best Landscaped Hotels, Resorts & Restaurants in Laguna” for 6 consecutive years




Our commitment is to provide hotel amenities and facilities at par with star-rated hotels and training centers in the metropolis. We strive to provide a unique ‘back-to-nature’ experience where guests can enjoy dedicated service in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

As a conference center, Rockpoint’s aim is to help organization in accomplishing their goals by providing an ideal set-up conducive to learning and training, which will help facilitate improved communication and increased productivity.

The people behind the concept of Rockpoint are pillars in the Life Insurance industry. Their own felt need for a seminar venue away from the bustle of the city yet accessible enough to their homes and office sowed this innovative idea. It was in 1985 when construction of a rest house-cum-seminar-house started. Called Antonio Seminar House, it was for the personal use of the owners to train their insurance agents. It did not take long before others found out about the good facilities of the place. Soon, people were asking how they could rent the facilities for their own training activities. What was once a private rest house was later opened to the public. At that time, only the most basic amenities were available — an air-conditioned theater-style conference room, four (4) dormitories as sleeping quarters, one adult outdoor swimming pool & one (1) kiddie pool with natural hot springs water and a game room with billiards, table tennis and mahjong. Kitchen staff that were ‘on call’ prepared home-cooked meals. There was no service staff except for the caretaker who maintained the upkeep of the seminar house.


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